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lap splicePosts & Brackets

How the signs are secured and installed can be as important as the signs themselves. Here we will introduce you to our RIB BAK U Channel post that comes in galvanized steel and powder-coated varieties. We also explain our different bracket systems along with product information about bases and standards.
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winona church custom signAre you interested in custom signs?

Are you in need of custom built signs, but are tired of the time and difficulty you experience it getting them produced. What should you expect from your sign company when it comes to custom signs?  Here we’ll discuss your custom signs needs and give you a clear picture on how to control the process … and the costs!
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picnic tableAre you looking for Site Furnishings?

Do you have a project that needs benches, trash receptacles, tables, chairs, landscape edging or any other site furnishings? Or maybe you are updating or building a new bus stop, that needs to be solar lighted or planters … or maybe new bike racks. At EFA we represent several top-of-the-line site furnishing manufacturers. We offer indoor and outdoor site furnishings including steel, wood, and recycled plastic benches, receptacles, tables, and planters.
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Traffic Accessories

What type of traffic accessories does your project need? Whether you need breakaway systems, flashers, barricades, bollards or anything in between, we have everything you are looking for here!
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modular playground


Park and Rec Supplies

Earl F. Andersen is the Minnesota representative for several top of the line Park and Rec manufacturers and suppliers. Using these suppliers, along with our expertise in playground and park and rec projects, our experienced specialists can design a play area to your specific needs.
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retroreflectivity on signsRetroreflectivity:  are you ready for 2014?

By 2014 all agencies will have to establish and implement a sign maintenance program that addresses the minimum sign retroreflectivity requirements. Over the next couple of years all traffic and road signs will need to meet the new retroreflectivity regulations. Here you’ll learn everything you need to know, including all of the critical deadline dates.
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A local one-stop sign warehouse

Here we will introduce you to our Lakeville, MN sign warehouse, which is the largest inventory of traffic, road and construction signs anywhere in Minnesota. This warehouse makes it possible for any city or municipality to order in or drive up and pick up the signs and equipment they need—NOW!
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Finally, a sign company that assigns you a permanent account rep that you will get to know…but more importantly, knows you!

Typically, you’ll call up a sign company and talk to someone who is simply an order taker, someone who knows very little about your needs. What if you had an assigned sign representative who handled all of your signs … someone that you’ll end up getting to know, who takes personal responsibility for your account! Couldn’t that make all the difference? Here we’ll explain our EFA philosophy and introduce you to our expert sign reps who you will get to know, and who you can count on!
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It’s simple … if you need signs, accessories, installation, expertise, or anything in between–we have it … or can get it quickly!