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Finally, You’ll Have A Professional Sign Rep
Specifically Assigned To Your Account

…someone you know and trust, but more importantly someone who
knows you, and understands your exact needs!

You have a lot of choices when it comes to choosing a sign company. There are hundreds of sign companies in the Twin Cities and even more throughout Minnesota…so how do you choose a company that you can trust—where do you start?

One place to begin would be to look at how the sign company handles your specific account.  When you call the company, who do you talk too? When you call your sign company, do you get a new person or different person almost every time you call? How much do they know about your city or municipality, how much do they know about what you need…and how much do they know about you and how you work?

Chances are they don’t know much about you or your needs! So one place to start when looking for a new sign company is the relationship you will have with both the inside and outside sign representatives. Truth be told, very few sign companies offer both an inside rep and an outside sign specialist.

So the first place to start when considering a new sign company is…

Do they have a dedicated and assigned inside sign specialist for your account?

As you well know, there are a ton of signs that need to be replaced and fixed each year. And with the new retroreflectivity laws taking affect soon, there are regulations that need to be met.  Your city or municipality also has specific methods and rules they follow regarding traffic and street signs.

When you call a sign company, and talk to one of their order takers, how much does this person know about what you need and want? Usually not much—right? How helpful would it be, if when you called your sign company you always talked with the same person? How much of a difference would it make if every time you called you talked with either your assigned inside sign rep, or your outside representative that has been at your door step hundreds of times?

How much easier would your job be if you always talked with some you knew?

To make your job easier, it is imperative that you have someone on the inside that you can call every time you have a question or need a specific sign made, created or installed.

AT EFA…the first thing we do is assign an inside sales specialist to your account. That inside person will be available to answer your questions, help you with any problems you are having, and be a constant conduit between you, your outside sales rep and the company! Every time you call, you’ll talk with someone you know…but more importantly, someone who knows you!

How often does your sign company come and see you?

And we are not taking about stopping by once a year with a new sign catalog and price list—you’ve experienced plenty of those over the years!

How busy is your day? How many different action items do you have on your list today, and how many different sign issues do you deal with every week…every day?  If you’re like most of our clients, you are crazy-busy.

How often does your sign company come to your doorstep and make sure your needs are covered? And we aren’t talking about a sales rep that simply drives by and drops off a sign catalog and price list, with the hopes of scoring a quick sale. We’re talking about someone who meets with you monthly or quarterly, who takes the time to sit and find out about your unique needs and timeframes.

As you well know, it’s not just about how quickly signs can be created, it’s about the overall process of how signs are ordered, created, shipped, specially delivered…and how they meet your specific needs. Having a dedicated sign rep for your city makes your job just that much easier.

At EFA…after you are assigned an inside sign expert to handle your account, you are also assigned an outside specialist that will be there to handle all of your needs.  Our sales specialist will stop by on a regular schedule … whether that be weekly, monthly or quarterly—depending on your needs.

This dedicated and experienced sales rep will be there to answer all of your questions and to talk to you and make recommendations, including:

  • Budget restraints and issues
  • Immediate needs
  • Future projects
  • Retroreflective plans
  • Installation and delivery
  • Custom needs and designs
  • Refitting old signs

Our sign reps will not only be there to answer your questions, but will even ride along with you and view first-hand what you need, and will give their expert advice and opinions when requested

Your personal sign rep will:

  • Deliver product
  • Deliver samples of new technologies
  • Keep you up to date on regulatory changes
  • Pick up signs for you
  • During a crisis they will be there to help
  • Perform ride-alongs to assess issues

How much training does your sign company (rep) have?

The typical sign company has order takers and sales people that come and go quickly. The typical sign company worker has less than 3 years of experience, and very little formal sign training. So one of the first questions you should ask any sign company you are considering hiring is how many years of field training have they had…the answer could be very revealing.

At EFA…every single inside and outside sales specialist has at least 15 years of field experience. They have been educated in the latest sign technologies and products, and are experts regarding the new retroreflectivity rules and regulations.

There are a ton of sign companies…but very few sign specialists

The truth is a sign expert that knows your particular account, your needs and future projects is a huge time and money saver for you company. When choosing a sign company, make sure you first learn exactly who will handle your account, and how they do it…it can make a huge impact on your experience.