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A complete line of paint striping units, grinders
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A leading striping and pavement marking company

EFA is now an official supplier of GRACO striping and marking equipment. In 1990, Graco introduced LineLazer, the innovative airless line striping system that revolutionized the pavement marking industry. 

Introducing the LineLazer family of products & RoadLazer Paint stripers

Over the years, the LineLazer family of products has been improved to meet the changing needs of the pavement marking industry each time delivering substantial benefits to the professional line striping contractor. LineLazer IV with Auto-Layout System continues the tradition of delivering innovation in user features and performance, creating an unmatched family of stripers.

EFA offers the entire GRACO line of stripers and marking equipment, including:

  • LineLazer – The preferred choice for parking lot and seal coating contractors looking for professional performance in a one-gun striper.
  • LineLazer IV — LineLazer IV offers a rear gun mounting system, 2 gun striping and advanced vibration reduction system.
  • LineLazer IV (auto layout system) Take the pain out of layout – no more tape measures, calculating errors, guessing, sore backs, wasted energy, or missed opportunities.
  • LineDriver (Ride-on) Why walk when you can ride? Connect LineDriver to your LineLazer IV striper and double your striping production.
  • FieldLazeruses airless technology for spraying higher concentrations of turf paing, deliverying brighter, longer-lasting lines on a wide variety of sports fields.
  • GrindLazer 270, 380 & 480 – Grinders/Scarifiers that are deal for removing traffic paint, thermoplastic, epoxy coating and smoothing uneven surfaces – with extra power for inlay and grooving.
  • ThermoLazer–the most user-friendly, innovative thermoplastic striper to hit the streets.
  • ThermoLazer ProMelt — This innovative handliner can melt up to 300 pounds of thermoplastic material (6-50 lb bags) in less than one hour!
  • RoadLazer (Truck mounted) With the Roadlazer truck-mounted airless striping system you can achieve extremely accurate lines at highly productive speeds.
  • RoadLazer RoadPak System — RoadLazer RoadPak System is a modular striping system built for the professional road striping contractor.

Painting Accessories

EFA and Graco systems delivers essential tools for maximum productivity and performance, backed by a solid reputation for proven quality, reliability, warranty and unmatched on-the-job performance. Our accessories are designed to meet all of your quality and performance needs. Some of our accessories include:

Road Paint

At EFA our traffic paints are formulated for highway lane and traffic safety markings and offer you improved paint performance. We offer traffic paints, safety coatings, road marking that are applied to highways, streets and parking lots. Whether your challenge is to improve the long-term performance of traffic paint markings or to comply with environmental regulations, EFA’s paint and striping equipment will  meet your specifications and requirements. 

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