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Driver Feedback Signs

Your solution to safer roadways.

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Studies show that roadway safety can be improved through the addition of interactive driver feedback (DFB) signs. The radar detected speed is displayed on the sign’s attention-grabbing display to create an effective traffic-calming tool.

These signs meet the Federal Highway Administration standards and come equipped with enhanced features.

Product Features

  • Highway sign – 48″ x 60″
  • Urban sign – 30″ x 41″
  • Numeric characters on highway sign – 22″ high
  • Numeric characters on urban sign – 15″ high
  • YOUR SPEEd – 8″ high black letters
  • Sign colors – white, fluorescent orange, or fluorescent yellow-green
  • Reflective sheeting, full cubed micro-prismatic, ASTM proposed Type XI
  • Radar module mounted within sign enclosure
  • Blue Tooth wireless connection


  • AC Power Module
  • DC Solar Kit
  • DC Battery Charger Kit A
  • DC Battery Charger Kit B

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